A downloadable Trapped At Sea for Windows

This is a simple battle-royale mini game with a small twist! Created die the #minibeansjam2

Your ships are contaminated and regularly get sick - to cure themselves, they need to stop at ports. However, ports only have limited capabilities. If you visit them with your contaminated ships, they too get sick and die down...

Sooner or later, all ports will close down and you will be .... trapped at sea.


Ships are controlled by up to two players.
Green symbol = you, yellow symbol = ally

RMB: Hold to rotate camera

Ship tasks:
When controlling wheel (green wheel symbol):

RMB on Wheel: Boost ship temporarily
RMB on Sails: Raise / Lower sails (Alternate: Space Bar)
LMB on Sea: Rotate ship towards

When controlling cannon (left or right):

RMB on Cannon: Shoot Cannon (Alternate: A or D button on keyboard)

Tasks are changed by right-clicking on an empty/white symbol.
In order to use ports, sails need to be raised (Slow Mode)

How to win

Players earn points through surviving and looting trophy crates - the players with the most points at the end of the round wins!


Blueprints / Design - Kevin Heese
Art / Design - Malte Müller

Other Credits

Rope Swining Sound - http://soundbible.com/391-Rope-Swinging.html
Crisp Ocean Waves Sound - http://soundbible.com/1936-Crisp-Ocean-Waves.html
Tank Firing Sound - http://soundbible.com/1326-Tank-Firing.html
Ship Bell Sound - https://freesound.org/people/Sojan/sounds/353232/
Skull crossed bone icon - https://game-icons.net/lorc/originals/skull-crossed-bones.html
Cannon icon -  https://game-icons.net/lorc/originals/cannon.html
Ship's wheel icon - https://game-icons.net/delapouite/originals/ship-wheel.html
Sail icon - https://game-icons.net/delapouite/originals/sail.html


Dedicated Server 34 MB
Game Executable - Jam Version 173 MB